Terraform - Infrastructure as Code
How to Run Terraform from CircleCI?
Anton Putra
March 14, 2021
1 min

  • Create GitHub infra-2 private repository

  • Create the project folder infra-2 locally and initialize a new repository

  • Create main.tf file
  • Create .gitignore in case you would like to run terraform locally
  • Create S3 bucket devopsbyexample-tf-state to store Terraform state

  • Create TerraformEC2RunAccess IAM Policy

  • Create TerraformS3Access IAM Policy
  • Create IAM Group Terraform and attach these two policies

  • Create terraform IAM user and place it in Terraform group. Also, download credentials.

  • Create .circleci/config.yml to configure CircleCI project

  • Commit and push to the master

  • Configure CircleCI project.

  • Create terraform context in CircleCI with following environment variables

  • Mark Only build pull requests under Advanced settings

  • Add terraform for ec2 for 18.04

  • Update to Ubuntu 20.04



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