Helm - Kubernetes Package Manager
Helm 3 Upgrade Command
Anton Putra
November 09, 2020
1 min

Helm 3 Upgrade Helm Chart

Today, we’re going to talk about upgrading a Helm Release. Perhaps, you developed a new version of the application and want to upgrade it, or you added or modified Kubernetes components such, service, ingress, or any other object.

Let’s create a Helm Chart

To watch pods, open a new terminal window and run

Now, let’s install this Helm Chart and set the Nginx version to 1.19.3

We can list all Helm Charts in our namespace, and get a version of the app

There are few options that you can use when you upgrade a Helm Chart

  • —atomic
  • —cleanup-on-fail
  • —force

Let’s upgrade Helm Chart to the new app version

Rollback to the previous version of the app

Let’s consider a scenario when helm fails to upgrade



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