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Helm 3 Secrets Tutorial
Anton Putra
November 13, 2020
1 min

HELM 3 SECRETS TUTORIAL: Helm 3 Secret Management (Helm 3 Secrets Plugin)

Helm 3 secrets tutorial explains how to do Helm 3 Secret Management using Helm 3 Secrets Plugin. First, we will create a secret and encrypt it using the sops tool. Then we will create a helm template for secrets and add a secret to the environment variable that pod can use. Helm 3 secrets plugin wraps helm 3 binary to be able to decrypt secrets during the installation of the Helm 3 chart. By the end of the Helm 3 tutorial, you will be able to encrypt secrets and store them in publicly available git repositories.

Install Helm 3 Secrets plugin

You may need to install enhanced getopt if you’re on mac

You also need to install gpg

Generate new keypair

List Keys

Create secret

Descript Password

If you are getting this error

Create Helm Chart

Let’s create secrets.yaml file in templates folder

Let’s expose this secret to our pod as environment variable

Let’s install helm chart

Print secret from the pod



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