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Helm 3 S3 Plugin
Anton Putra
November 11, 2020
1 min

Helm 3 S3 Plugin

Today, we’re going to talk about how to host a private Helm Chart Repository with Helm 3 S3 plugin. We’re going to be using the Helm plugin that provides S3 protocol support. This helm-s3 plugin supports both Helm v2 and v3. By using the helm package command we can archive and push our Helm charts to our private Helm Chart Repository.

The installation itself is simple as

List installed Helm 3 plugins

Create S3 bucket to store Helm 3 Charts

Create Read and Write IAM policy for Helm

Use aws cli to create IAM policy

Create IAM user

Attach a managed policy to an IAM user

Create an access key for an IAM user

Check if plugin detects correct version (otherwise use environment variable to set version HELM_S3_MODE=3)

Import AWS Environment Variables

To create a new repository, use init

To work with this repo by it’s name, first you need to add it using native helm command

List chart repositories

Create Helm Chart

Package a chart directory into a chart archive

Push Helm Chart to private repo

Your pushed chart is available

Install Helm Chart from Private Remote Repository

List installed Helm Charts



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